This is the page where you configure the sources of user feedback. They can all work together.

Sources and rules


  • Manual addition: Any feedback or idea can be added manually.

  • CSV file: If you have a lot of feedback gathered.

  • Feedback form: Share a form with your users so they can leave feedback directly.

  • Slack: Send messages from your Slack channel to Kaleido.

  • Telegram: Send messages from your Telegram chat to Kaleido.


Configure what happens to incoming feedback automatically when it arrives:

  • Auto-fill: When you add a user email to new feedback, Kaleido will search for previous feedback with the same email and automatically populate all the user data from that feedback into the new one.

  • Suggest projects: When you add new feedback, Kaleido’s AI will attempt to identify the relevant request to which the feedback should be directed. If no existing requests are detected, Kaleido will create a new one.