The Sendforsign (SFS) API uses different layers to secure access to any stored data within the platform:

Account structure

Platform (You)

A platform is a business that integrates the SFS API into its application. This integration is an essential component.

Platform development teams connect to the SFS API using admin-level access tokens. These tokens allow platforms to create, configure clients, and access all resources across various platforms for which they develop software.


A client, who is a customer of a platform, can be either an organization or an individual. Each platform serves one or more clients. Using a client’s ID, it is possible to gain root access to all resources exclusively associated with that particular client.

Client User

This refers to the employees working for a client. The optional client user access layer is designed for platforms that prefer using SFS’s security features for quick development, instead of creating their own custom access control systems.

Through the SFS API, partners can establish customizable roles and permissions at the entity level. SFS then automatically oversees and enforces access policies for each API interaction.