Sendforsign templates

The easiest way to draft your contract is to choose from one of our templates or simply copy and paste your own template from any source you’re using, such as a Word file, Notion, Notes, and more.

We continuously add new templates, and if you have a specific request or template you’d like to see added to our library, please don’t hesitate to leave your request here.

To get started, select a template from our library:

Choose a template

Once a document is created, feel free to make adjustments to its content. Take note of the text highlighted in green – these are the areas where you may need to insert your own text:

Review the highlighted text

When you’re ready and satisfied with the text, simply generate your unique sharing link:

Create a sharing link

There you have it! Your document is now ready for sharing and signing. If you need to sign the document first, you can do so using the same sharing link.