We provide the Simple electronic signature (SES): ideal for everyday transactions.

This represents the most basic form of electronic signature available. It does not require signer’s authentication or identity verification. For transactions that can use this type of signature, it is enough to know the signer’s email address, or that they received a unique access code or link before signing.

Sendforsign provides both methods: sending signing requests via emails and generating unique signing links.

These types of signature does not require the generation of additional data to confirm the signer’s identity.

Examples of cases where Sendforsign can be useful:

  • SAFE agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Employment contracts
  • Freelance contracts
  • Routine sales agreements
  • Procurement agreements
  • Various simple forms requiring signatures
  • And other low and medium-value agreements

For high-value transactions, it is advisable to explore alternative solutions, as Sendforsign currently doesn’t support complex user authentication methods.